Grimaldi Forum Monaco


Board of directors

Monsieur Henri Fissore - former member of the Governement and former Ambassador, Chairman of the Board
Monsieur Jean-Jacques Aillagon – Corporate director, Minister of Culture from 2002 to 2004
Monsieur Michel Bouquier – Technical adviser of the department of the Finances and the Economy of the Principality of Monaco
Monsieur Gérard Cohen – Corporate director
Monsieur Etienne Franzi – Chairman of the Compagnie Monégasque de Banque and Chairman of Monaco Telecom
Monsieur Guy-Thomas Levy Soussan – Corporate director
Monsieur Pierre Nouvion - Corporate director
Monsieur Francis Trucchi – Director of Monte-Carlo Country Club
Monsieur Manolo Veladini – Corporate director

Executive committee

At the center:

Madame Sylvie Biancheri - General Director

On her right:

Monsieur Philippe Martin - ​Safety and Security Director
Madame Nathalie Paccino - Human Resources Director 
Madame Marie-Hélène Ballestri - Events Director
Madame Fabienne Guaitolini - Financial and Legal Director

On her left:

Madame Françoise Rossi - Sales and Development Director
Monsieur Alain Melkonian - Building Director
Madame Catherine Alestchenkoff - Director of the Cultural Events
Madame Dany Rubrecht - Communication Director