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The Grimaldi Forum Monaco is setting up a TV studio and webinar facility

The Grimaldi Forum Monaco is setting up a TV studio and webinar facility

The Grimaldi Forum Monaco is setting up a TV studio and webinar facility

The Grimaldi Forum Monaco is setting up a TV studio and webinar facility

TV studio and webinar facility

To complete its offering of events combining face-to-face with virtual participation, the Grimaldi Forum Monaco is implementing a new concept hybrid studio with a permanent, modular and evolving platform for the organisation of TV shows and webinars etc. The launch of this studio is planned for 25 September with a first webinar during which 200 participants from all over the world will be able to interact with the speakers by means of a chat broadcast from the platform.

Located in the heart of the superb Le Guelfe space which occupies more than 600 m2 on the second floor of the Principality’s convention and cultural centre, this fully-equipped permanent studio is designed in such a way as to enhance the traditional webinar that an organiser can offer to participants who cannot be physically present at an event.

Covering an area of 50 m2, it is equipped with a lighting rig with three turret cameras, a recording control room and a modular platform with three possible configurations: the TV news platform version with the equipment mounted high up, a conference podium version that can accommodate up to four people at any one time, and a lounge version with fireside chairs and coffee tables for five people (in strict compliance with social distancing measures). These configurations are available with a minimum rental period of one hour in order to ensure sets can be installed fluidly and guarantee the sequence of operations.

This "GFM-created" set is supported by a full team with recognised standards of excellence which will be in charge of the video, sound and lighting control rooms at the edge of the set. A 12m x 2.5m “green screen” offers you a choice of the immediate surroundings of the Grimaldi Forum or any other background desired by the organiser, whether a fixed view or in live-camera mode. The virtual streams can be sent to different platforms, from the dedicated website to social networks. Logistical support is also offered as an option: before going live with a turnkey registration tool, during the live event with several options of interactivity with the public, and after the live event with the delivery of videos made in post-production.

While the events sector is going through major upheavals linked to the issues of health security and social distancing, the Grimaldi Forum Monaco is adapting. After receiving the Monaco Safe label which guarantees the organisation of an event at the GFM under the best conditions, the Principality’s conference and cultural centre now has a full range of services with innovative event solutions that combine face-to-face with virtual participation.

Follow this link to find out more details of our offer.

Picture 1 : ©Grimaldi Forum Monaco 2020. TV news platform version with the equipment mounted high up. From left to right : C.Bricout -Events Manager,  M.H. Ballestri - Director of Events,  S.Biancheri - Director-General, D.Rubrecht - Communications Director.

Pictures 2, 3, 4 : ©Grimaldi Forum Monaco 2020.