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The Grimaldi Forum Monaco is closely following the development of the Covid 19 epidemic and is paying the greatest attention to the health of its employees and customers.

Our teams are highly committed and are implementing the barrier-behaviour and prevention measures recommended by the Monegasque government.

A guide summarising these measures and correct barrier behaviour has been issued for the various customer groups of the Grimaldi Forum Monaco. This can be accessed by clicking here.

With more specific regard to the shows, and in accordance with the recommendations of the authorities, please note that the following will apply for a limited period:

- We thank you for taking the care to keep your mask on while you are in the establishment and during the show. This includes children from the age of six.

- We promote the use of e-tickets and favour reduced handling of tickets at the entrance to the hall.

- We invite you to keep your personal effects with you if possible: a locker is available for items that are prohibited in the hall (helmets, large bags, scooters, etc.).

- We have reduced the capacity of our rooms in order to permit the necessary distancing between different groups of people.

- To facilitate access, the doors of the hall will open one hour before the start of the show.

- The pre-show gathering in the Indigo space can also welcome you earlier than usual: a catering and table service will begin two hours before the start of the show.

- During the intermission, we cannot offer you a bar or catering service.

-  The increased presence of our teams makes it possible to dynamically assist the flow of spectators into the hall and again when exiting the event.

- Continuous cleaning has been reinforced and points of contact along your routes are disinfected frequently.

To download the summary of these measures click here

We thank you for your attention and understanding and wish you a most entertaining experience at the Grimaldi Forum Monaco.